CLamsee is a general parallel computing slang that is additionally supports interactive visualizations of intermediate results, control flow of the execution, and memory access behavior.

Device Code

using Device;

Device Settings

Device.setLocalWorkSize(x, y); Device.setGlobalWorkSize(x, y);

OpenGL Interop

Device.createGLArray('name', size);

The VBO id of the created GL Array is automatically available as property in the plugin Host ViSlang with the name 'name'_VBO_ID. This property can then be linked to any property of a renderer and other plugin where it is required.

Device.createGLImage('name', size_x, size_y);


@watch variable_name;


WebView.clearCharts(); WebView.update();
WebView.showLineChart(c, e,f); WebView.showMultiBarChart(c, e,f); WebView.showAreaChart(c, e,f); WebView.showStackedAreaChart(e,f,g); WebView.showScatterPlot(e,f,g);

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