Vlabel Visualization

The vlabel visualization slang implements a declarative language that takes data of type volume and a corresponding vlabel and performs ray-casting. It allows the user to specify different visualization styles and to assign particular labels to these styles. A style is specified using a very concise syntax controlling the weights of different colors, and other visual properties.

focus{ color:50%(1,1,0,1)50%label, bordercolor:75%(0,0,0,1), shading:100% } context{ color:100%(1,1,1,1), shading:25% }

The code shows the declaration of the two visualization styles focus and context. The focus style is defined to use 50% of the user-defined color (yellow in this case) and 50% of a randomly generated color using the label id. The border color is set to black and applied with 75% opacity. Shading is applied with 100% opacity. The vlabel visualization slang parses these descriptions and translates them to weights and colors that are made available to the volume rendering algorithm.

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